7 12 2009

Not only is it hard enough to cram in our 5-a-day veggie and fruit allocation (chocolate covered raisins and banana cake do not count much to my dismay), but my friend told me we need to have physical contact with another human 12 times a day. TWELVE. That’s loads. Being only selectively tactile, and single, this makes me starving! Realising this the book club quite literally embraced this revelation and took to hugging me (and other single members) a lot. It may have been made worse by excessive champagne consumption – but there was a lot of hugging between lengthy literary discourse. I have thought about this and found a solution…

All I need to do is find a hottie on the local fruit and veg stall and then I can nail my 12 and 5-a-day in one go!




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12 07 2011
Personal Space « Kirsty Barton's Blog

[…] is not a great place for maintaining personal space. Most people get their 12-a-day by default by being crammed on the tube or bus. My new commute was looking good for maintaining […]

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