(H)air of the dog

6 12 2009

On Sunday I went down to the countryside for a surprise 60th Birthday celebration. I was a lovely day. After a cleaning frenzy, a potential dynorod debacle and the fastest lunch ever consumed – half the village turned up for tea. There was much laughter, many cupcakes, and mounds of scones. Not to mention the 1, 2, 3 maybe even 4 birthday cakes – all of which I felt obliged to test, sometimes more than once. There is nothing better on a rainy Sunday afternoon than standing in front of a warm aga, with a very full belly, surrounded by people you love. Such blissful relaxation however only accentuated my extreme fatigue.

I had been at book club (say no more) the night before followed by a 60th 40th birthday celebration, so when it came time to toast the birthday girl – I could only manage the smallest of sips. Despite being assured hair of the dog is what I needed, I seem to think what I got more of was air of the dog! Thanks Lily :) I had a great afternoon – and left with the usual full-to-bursting “smokejack” feeling.

I hope you had a very Happy Birthday “Mumsy” xxx




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