20 12 2009

I have been on holiday for a few days now – and already my sketchbook is overflowing with amusing events. Seems my adventures are not just confined to the snowy shores of the UK. I went to upload a few…and there is no scanner :/ so I will have to stockpile them until next year. Which leaves me no choice but to focus my attention not on my blog – but on my belly. So I am off for lunch, and coffee and dinner! Have a Merry Christmas and see you back in 2010! x


It’s snowing!!

16 12 2009

and for once I have appropriate footwear! Amen!

*   *      *                         *

*     *   *            *

*     *          *      *

*     *    *

*   *


>>> If the snow globe’s not shaking, just click and open it in a new window! <<<<

I have a head for heights

15 12 2009

and it’s a good thing too, because with the ridiculous shoes I have earmarked for NYE, I am going to end up in 2010 about 2 feet ahead of everyone else.


14 12 2009

The most embarrassing thing just happened. I called up a colleague in marketing to check I understood some amends she had emailed me. So I ring up and start to speak. Well I tried to. All that happened was this strange gurgling, guttural, groan (just like this). THIS IS NOT NORMAL, nor has it ever happened before. I tried to clear my throat apologising profusely – well trying too – but all she got was more of the same…until eventually I swigged some water and blurted out a huge apology. She must have thought I moonlight as a chewbacca impersonator.

Worse thing about the whole thing, is that I know she has caller ID, so I couldn’t have even hung up and pretended it wasnt me.

Christmas Turkey

13 12 2009

I am not a huge fan of turkey at christmas time. I am however a massive fan of a christmas hat in the style of a huge turkey. That is why when I was rummaging through the box of “hats” in the party shop in Clapham on Saturday, I just could not resist. My mission was to get some festive head-gear for a party that afternoon – all of us had to provide a secret santa in the form of a hat. Priceless. What was even better was the fact that when santa distributed the gifts, my carefully wrapped offering (2 plastic bags from the party shop) ended up with the guy sitting opposite me. I burst out laughing. He looked like he wanted to burst out the door and not look back. But in true christmas spirit and with the daring of a helicopter pilot – he donned the turkey – and didn’t take it off all night. 10/10 for effort!

I got an illuminated elf hat, not bad, but after 1 or 2 or maybe even 3 merlots, I made it my personal goal to commandeer a very sparkly, very shiny sequined beret that a guy across the room was wearing. I was not to be dissuaded by his stubborn reluctance to part with his secret santa gift. I tried using the bobby hat – complete with flashing light, and pretending I was an officer. No. I tried sending over a 6’4″ lad in a fur trim cowboy hat to negotiate 5 mins with the hat. No. I tried begging. No. This human disco ball was not having any of it. Not to be deterred I even considered jumping across the tables, executing a matrix style flip (in slo-mo) off the back wall and snatching the hat. Merlot makes you invincible.

No. Perseverance and a bit of help from my partner in crime paid off. When the disco ball was busy at the bar – we ran up behind him, snatched the beret – and very maturely ran straight into the ladies loo – where we stood with the door open taunting him. Filled with Christmas cheer, it was very, very funny. In fact the whole evening was funny from start to finish. I finally feel like Christmas is here! Ho Ho Ho!

Anne thanks for organising such a great afternoon!

Light entertainment.

11 12 2009

This morning my colleague came in to a flickering light above her desk. Being the helpful procrastinator I am I thought I would help. I sought out the panel of light switches in my area. I was merrily switching them off – on – off – on – off – on – off – on – off – on – off – on. Trying to figure out which one, or combination would turn off the flicky light. I could have carried on for ages…until the facilities manager burst in, walky talky in hand shouting and just about to radio for an engineer. Until he saw me in the shadows.

Seems my panel of switches wasn’t for my area, but the entire floor! He thought there was some kind of power cut – the rest of the floor may have thought it was a christmas disco come early.

Bring on the zips!

10 12 2009

My friends seem to be producing offspring at an alarming rate. Some even have teenagers. TEENAGERS. Terrifying, considering I feel like I have only just left school myself. Anyway all this birthing brings with it, not only a small bundle of joy, but also tales of “The Labour”. I don’t remember any of these stories from my youth. If I am honest these tales, whispered in hushed tones, fill me with fear and dread. I don’t mind the thought of having a cute bump, and carte blanche to “eat for two”, but delivery, Hmmm I am not overly keen. For something so natural, it seems very un-natural to me. I am hoping by the time I get round to having a mini version of myself, that they will have invented some kind of zipper system. One tug of the zip and Voilà a baby. No pain All gain.

Then again I am the girl who got stuck in her coat, so maybe a button or press stud system would work better.