The end of the affair.

30 11 2009

My love/hate relationship with my gym has come to an end. No, I have not decided to jack it all in and just scoff myself into obesity (tempting as it is). I bit the bullet and thought I need a change – so I signed up for a new gym. Come January I will no longer have to endure the doors hinged the wrong way, the flashing spin instructor, the temperamental air-con, the lack of equipment and last but by no means least annoying girl.

As I strode up to the desk last night (I saw them shuffle backwards, in an attempt to not have to deal with another complaint from me), and said “I want to hand in my notice”, I was overcome with a wave of sadness. It felt like I just ended a 5 year-long relationship.

We have been through thick and thin – well chubby to thin(ner) – together. Suddenly the backward hinged door was endearing, and the smile of the sales guy who I harass weekly bought a lump to my throat, and I am sure even annoying girl will not seem quite as annoying when I next see her. I am now plagued with memories of all the “good times” and I have gym-quitters-remorse. Mostly I worry that the new gym will not provide as much inspiration for my blog as this gym has.

Actually my new gym is completely bonkers, and probably crawling with pretentious types. It’s all flashing lights, disco beats and strange new classes – which my coordination-ally challenged self,  will no doubt embrace – and then share on the blog. Bring on January and my 1st Bikini-Bootcamp class …




One response

1 12 2009

Classic,Super K!Proud of you taking the plunge!

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