Given the boot

29 11 2009

I am not having a good week for boots. I have returned two different pairs of boots within the same week. I see them, buy them – then get them home, try them on with leggings/skinny jeans/skirts and decide they are not acceptable…and then have to take them back. What a waste of time and effort. That’s why when I tried on the pair of ankle boots I saw – I made sure I did it properly. I walked up and down, executed an america’s-next-top-model-type-catwalk turn. I inspected it from all angles. I took the advice of a friend. It was only when I went to do the checking where my toes where routine (thanks to Micheal McIntyre for jogging my memory), that I realised there was something wrong.

I had somehow managed to do the whole pre-purchasing routine, complete with catwalk style turn, with the boot on the wrong foot.(?!?!?!?) I didn’t think that was even possible. I give up. My friend who had been so supportive about the stiletto style booty started laughing, before swiftly moving into another aisle to avoid looking at me staring incredulously at the outward facing ankle boot, perilously close to having another laughing/crying episode.




One response

2 12 2009

Kirsty, I constantly seem to be apologizing to another member of our family for my faulty genes, which would appear to this member of our family that they have inherited, sadly, it would appear that you have also been passed one one of my faulty genes………the take everything back gene, either that or you were brainwashed as a young child while I towed you along to “take things back” and you in pure innocence thought that this was the norm………….anyway, it does have its good points, and the sense of achievement one has as you walk out of a shop after said action is totally addictive and the scope is endless……I have learned that you can take anything back and EVERYTHING back………just think of the fun we can have when I come over, I may be able even to teach you a thing or two about the whole subject, it is easy sometimes, other times it is all down to technique…xxx

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