Beauty spot?

24 11 2009

I am precariously close to entering the middle-ages, and suddenly my body decides that now is the time to get spots. Punishment for escaping my teen-age years spot free. Saturday was bad. Very bad. It was a bad day all round really, I hardly slept, I had hair issues, clothes issues, general feeling yuk issues…and then I look in the mirror – and I see possibly the world’s biggest spot. Had I not known better I would have thought I was growing another head. The trauma. Despite being older and wiser, I chose to ignore all the advice and skin care knowledge I have gleaned over the years… and I squeezed it. Bad move. I woke up in the morning and thought I may have to amputate my lip. Praise the Lord for concealer!!

Now I don’t look like the bigger half of a Siamese twin, but more like a Cindy Crawford wannabee with a suspicious looking beauty spot on my upper lip. Do you think anyone will notice if I colour it in…




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