23 11 2009

Yesterday I went to look at buying  a racehorse. Well actually, I went along for the ride, to watch a friend buy a portion of a race horse (as you do). Having never really been to anything like that before I didn’t really know what to expect. In my mind I thought it would be all hairspray, hunters and tweed – lots of “rah , rah, yaah Daaarling’s” being bantered about. But it wasn’t the case – it was prime-time people watching heaven. I was in my element! I love horses, but I very nearly missed the ones being paraded about looking at a fellow “buyer” who had the most bling I have ever seen on a man or a woman. No digit was left unadorned. Gold and diamond rings on every finger and thumb. A real diamond geezer who no doubt had plenty of pony to invest in a racehorse or two, or three…




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