Raised eyebrows.

16 11 2009

I am not a big risk taker. I always walk on the pavement and cross on the zebra crossing, but I try to do something that scares me every now and again. There is nothing more terrifying than entrusting the appearance of your face to a perfect stranger. I am talking eyebrow threading. Like the dentist you sit down, they recline you, smile sweetly and then they lift up the cotton reel of fate and start ripping out your eyebrow hairs one by one. I am not sure what is more painful – the removal of the hair, the humiliation of a red welt across your face post-procedure – or the fact that there are always a crowd of strangers grimacing, white knuckled watching the whole procedure – and you never know if it is just because it looks painful, or because they can see what the lady has done to your eyebrows…

Hanging on by a thread

That is why when you find someone you know who does it well, you make sure you go back to them. What you should not do is feel bad when the burly receptionist, smiles at you and says,  “You can wait, or….I can do it for you.” Heck. Don’t do that to me. I always feel bad and bow to the pressure. But you learn from your mistakes. And learn I did. When she threaded away. Showed me her work, on one brow – and then said… “It’s not that bad you can just color it in like this….Arrrrgggghhhhhh!”

There is always a price to pay for vanity.




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18 11 2009
Jack Handcock

Cool blog ;o)

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