On the pull

9 11 2009

I am in my mid 30’s. I learnt how to read MANY years ago. So why do I still have massive issues with PUSH and PULL?  Am I alone in this? I mean how hard can it be? I think I may have been the guinea pig for a primary school teacher’s brain-washing experiment. “No, Kirsty, that word does look like PULL, but the ‘LL’ is read as a silent ‘SH’. ”


It does not help when the guys doing the gym refurb, thought it would be good to change the hinges on the toilet doors. So after years of training myself to pull the door open, squeeze myself and my gym bag through the tiniest gap – now it is push. I just couldn’t figure it out today – pulling, pulling and pulling harder – getting increasingly more frustrated – until I pushed and nearly ended up in the sink due to the sheer force of pushing the door with all my might. At least I wasn’t stuck in there for 20mins only to be rescued by 3 men and a crow bar – that has happened to “someone I know” before.




One response

10 11 2009

Hahahaha, that’s brilliant! And no you are not alone, sadly I think that primary school teacher may have practiced that experiment on me too!

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