There is something fishy going on at work.

4 11 2009

The design team are starting to get a bit panicky. With only a week to go until our favourite  freelancer leaves, we are not only going to be left with a gap in our team, but we will have to take up the tea round again. We have been very spoilt for the last 25 weeks. Well that was until today. Seems we have taught her Photoshop, Indesign and practical jokes. Today she made us all a round of tea. I thought it tasted a bit odd – but not one to complain I gulped it down. On my last sip I made a comment about it tasting a bit funny, and then everyone chimed in – saying how they also thought it tasted like… fish. YUK. I think our beloved Emma has been dunking Kipper’s in place of tea bags for the last 25 weeks. I guess after 25 weeks she is Fed up to the gills with us!






One response

5 11 2009
Scott Barton

Hey Kirk,

You an absolute genius! I bummed you didnt tell me about this blog earlier, it is hysterical!! its the first thing i open when I get to work in the morning!!

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