Pantry pranks

3 11 2009

I am a self-confessed practical joker. I blame my family, I have been bred that way. No member of my family is safe from some form of trickery. My dad is on leave from tomorrow, and his arrival always prompts some sort of planning and scheming as to how we are going to get him. You see with my Dad there is always a guaranteed path to success. It is the same as the way to any man’s heart. His stomach. I got my Dad’s eyes and his love for copious amounts of food. Anyway, I have already been in touch with the siblings to prompt them to start thinking of a suitable trick. I am not sure they will top last time, but I know they will not disappoint!

Garlic Flakes - Yum

Last leave, my Dad offered to make tea. What this really translates as is this: I will make tea, but whilst I am making tea I will raid the pantry and eat anything I can find. Namely my mom’s baking stuff…raisins, dried fruit, nuts – you name it – he will eat it. Anyway last time in his haste to consume before the kettle boiled – he shovelled in a handful of flaked almonds, and it would have been a WHOLE HANDFUL. The euphoria of finding such a treat was very short lived, as it did not take too long before he realised that it was not almond flakes at all. It was dried garlic flakes!!!

You would think having make such a mistake you would steer clear of packets of flaked almonds. Not my dad. A few days later off he went to “make tea”…and found a new packet of almonds. Took another WHOLE HANDFUL – and started chewing. My sister and partner in crime, knew that he would not be able to resist – and had swapped out the almonds and filled the bag with garlic flakes.V.I.C.T.O.R.Y.

Bob – beware of the almonds x




One response

4 11 2009

Still trying to find one to top wasabi injected into the chuckles :)

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