Spinning out of control.

28 10 2009

Today was my first day back to spin after the refurb. I was excited. New bikes. Air con. New studio. My favourite instructor. I was all set, I was even early. I took my position at the front  – right in front of the instructor – it was perfect. Then she came in. A flurry of towels and lucozade. Her position of choice? Right next to me – not 10 cm between us.

NO. Please NO.

It was annoying girl. It gets worse. In the pre-refurb studio there was no mirror in front of you. Now there is, and not only do I see her speeding next to me out of my periphery vision, but now I get to look at her straight on. Try as I might words cannot describe this girl on a bike – if she wasnt strapped in and her bike weighted down (I kid you not) this chick would leave us all for dust. Not sure she has embraced the whole stationary spin bike concept.

Get on your bike

I really hope she decides that “my” class is not the one for her – else I will have to invest in some very dark wrap around glasses to block out the view.




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