Appliance Paranoia

27 10 2009

I have serious appliance paranoia. Most days I just confine the paranoia to fitful fretting all the way to work. Today I stepped up the game. I got half way to the station and thought – “Did I turn off the iron?”. Then I did that two steps forward, about turn, two steps back shuffle – fighting with myself about whether or not I should go back. Bearing in mind I had already been back once because I also had boot paranoia today – and had to change them twice. Fear got the better of me and I did go back and check. It was off. It is always off.

"Iron Off"

I may need to reinstate the shouting of “Iron Off” routine that my best friend and I implemented when we lived together many years ago. There is only one thing worse  a person with iron paranoia. Two people with iron paranoia!




One response

14 12 2009

Hi Kirsty!

Excellent blog. Love the banner and your drawers are amazing. Glad you remember the iron. An old housemate of mine switched off the iron and put it away, very good habits…only she didn’t let it cool first and nearly set the cupboard on fire. It melted a plastic pipe! Glad you’re more intelligent! I can rest easy.

My blog is way more serious


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