I now know what it means to have a drop of wine…

25 10 2009

After a 4.5hr drive via the M25 my friends and I arrived in Wales – for the much-anticipated weekend away. Once we had lugged the all-weather gear and enough food to feed half the British Army, we settled into the cosy farmhouse kitchen and cracked open a very nice bottle of red. I looked for the wine glasses. Tumblers, check, small strange plastic and glass muglets, check, about 400 shot glasses, check, and some small, did I say S M A L L sherry thimbles. Not a wine glass in sight?!?! I even checked every cupboard twice – just to double-check. So my friends and I spent the weekend drinking shots of red wine out of cut glass crystal thimbles, a drop at a time.


I blame any unruly behavior on the indeterminable number of thimbles of wine I drank in front of the log fire!




One response

26 10 2009

Good one :-) We love this!

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