The youth of today

21 10 2009

Last night, at dinner, the inevitable topic of age came up. Being all very sensible 30-somethings we obviously got onto talking about how it was in our day – when we were young(er), and how disrespectful the youth of today can be. It turns out that I am not alone in being picked on by bored youths lurking on street corners. I thought I was unlucky being pelted with water balloons in broad daylight by two shady looking hoodies, turns out I am not the only one! Sharyn was minding her own business on the bus when some youths managed to negotiate a water balloon through a louvre window of a bus and subject her to a self contained shower…but poor Jax won in story telling competition because she was not targeted with the simple yet effective water balloon…she was egged! We never did anything like that when we were young…

Dont even think about it buddy




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