Grey Hair

20 10 2009

Last year, on the day before my birthday, I was drying my hair – and I thought how amazingly shiny it was. It wasn’t. It was one remarkably silver hair glinting in the early morning light. Arrrggghhh. I whipped it out in a flash and plummeted into a depression. But I have to say I have not found another one yet (phew). Last night I tried to prevent the same fate by getting the hairdresser over – and I gave him strict instructions to chop out any he saw and not tell me…he was there for a while! I have safely arrived at my 34th year, without any more grey hairs – for now anyway!

Just checking...

P.s. I just got such a great prezzie from the work crew . I think a few of my friends may be getting grey hair as a result of my latest gift – haha – that’ll keep you reading for a while!

Just saw this great campaign – I think I am pre-occupied with all things wrinkle related.




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