Broccoli Bouquets

19 10 2009

My life flashed before my eyes tonight. Thoughts of not making it through the few remaining hours of 33 were in the fore front of my mind. I was chatting through my day and it’s woes to my housemate – whilst shoveling in a massive wedge of Broccoli. I then started to choke. Eye watering, spluttering, coughing, laughing/crying combo – everything. Through the noise and tears, mini florets spraying from my mouth in all directions… all I could hear was Cecelia saying – “Shall I do the Heimlich? “ I could picture it then. Hushed whispers in the church,  “Yes, it is such a shame, and to think she died having one of her 5-a-day”, whilst placing broccoli bouquets on my grave, and a selection of vegetable themed corsages…

I thought I would "surely" die

Obviously Broccoli is good for your body and your imagination.




2 responses

21 10 2009

Aaah this is classic!

21 10 2009

And I thought here is my chance finally to use my great CPR skill.

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