Cult Products

18 10 2009

Book club is ALWAYS an education. We may not read as many books as some more hi-brow reading groups, but one never goes away without having learnt something. This week after a lengthy discussion about love, life and literature – we left and thought we would just pop into Debenhams to look at the deals. We were there for over an hour. Like kids in a candy shop, we were all over the cosmetics – no lip gloss was left unturned. Lis taught us all about cult products, and within minutes had us all smeared in touche eclat, lemon aid and Boi-ing…

The Happy Hooker

Ana will never be the same having had eye lash lessons with Lis and Cheryl (who both have legendary lash status), and I thought I would try a new lip gloss. Deciding I looked more like the happy hooker, than a supermodel, I left with just my book club book, and a list of cult products I “have-to-have” next pay day.

* the shading under our eyes is not older-age-shadows – but the “glow” of touche eclat!




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