17 10 2009

Last night I went to see UP with some friends. Unbelievably we are all in our 30’s and I was the only one who had ever seen a 3D film. My experience of 3D wasn’t anything to go by – it was many, many, many years ago – and my first ever proper date. I only recall it being a horror film and me eating spaghetti (which I guess for my date, watching me slurp spaghetti was probably scarier than any 3D horror film!).  Not only has technology moved on since then – but so have the glasses. None of those flimsy cardboard shades with green and red lenses – oh no – we were all sporting very sturdy, very large, dark rimmed buddy holly-esque glasses. I was happy to have paid the extra for the ticket just to have the memory of seeing my friends all wearing them!


As for UP – it’s brilliant – Pixar have done another great job. I love the fact the lead character is a miserable old man!




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