Moaning vs Smiling – drawing the line.

16 10 2009

Next week I turn _ _ (insert cough sound effect here). I have started to closely monitor the formation of frown lines, smile lines or lines of any kind on my face. This morning I even dabbed an extra blob of Perfect & Protect on – just in case in the next 4 days I open my eyes, look in the mirror and look like an etch-a-sketch version of myself. Well… every little helps! I WILL be applying intensive serums both day AND night for the next week, just to see me through. I have also thought I should try ease off of the whole moaning thing – as apparently you use less muscles in your face if you smile. So by my calculation Moaning=Wrinkles, Smiling=Smooth, silky, 20-something skin. So there you have it, no more moaning, only smiling….

Are you Japanese?




One response

16 10 2009

I think this blog is going to make you famous. You better not forget about me when you are on Oprah.

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