Pea’sd with myself.

15 10 2009

On Tuesday night before I left work, I was going through my handbag for something. It was then I spotted one of my favourite things. My plastic cockroach. Yes you read that right. I carry around a plastic cockroach in case of emergency. This guy has been around – I have used him a couple of times, and he never ceases to amuse. Yesterday was no different. I hid him in the pack of Wasabi peas – that we are addicted to at work. Then I waited. Like every good practical joker a poker face is essential – but I am rubbish at that, so I did the next best thing…just kept stuffing my face with rice cakes when my colleagues were pouring out peas…hoping they wouldn’t notice my stares and insistence at having “just a few more peas”.

My persistence paid off. Poor Jen, who has a genuine fear of the beasts was the lucky recipient….

Peas & Roaches




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