Side splitting skirt splitting evening to remember.

11 10 2009

Undeniably one of the most amusing nights out in ages. So many funny moments, it’s hard to know where to start.

It started well, leaving GBK in full surgical scrubs and walking the length of the Northcote Rd as Connie from Holby City – you have to love London, hardly anyone batted an eyelid …that was until they looked next to me and saw Sharyn in her red wig, dead ringer for Bianca in Eastenders. When we got to the venue a man in a flat cap clocked her and just started hollering “Riiickeeeeyyyy” at the top of his voice until she had a photo with him! Comedy from the onset.

One of my highlights was a very drunk lady, performing a very realistic pole dance (sans pole), gyrating away in the spotlight right next to us….I think she would still be there if her skirt had not split during one particularly provocative move. Priceless. Not even remotely overshadowed by the lady dancing around with a peacock feather. Random behavior at it’s very best.

The Skirt Splitter

That was funny, but then so was Andy Winehouse (and that is not a typo) Beehive, stubble and hairy chest & legs, clutching a large vodka and coke. I think he was as amused as us by his support act – a drunk scottish lady who started by saying how much she cared for the Hen, and that she just wanted to dedicated a song to her – and then belted out (badly) “Now I’ve had the time of my life…”. Who needs X-factor? I think I may have suffocated laughing – had I not been bought back down to reality by the bustle wearing beehive – with her bottom out!

Andy Winehouse

Gems – thanks for finding such a comedy venue – and another classic night out.

I even managed to get home safely, despite very nearly being projectile vomited on by the young girl behind me on the 2.12 from Clapham Junction. Now that would have been another story! Never a dull moment.




One response

11 10 2009

Funniest night EVER… and your blog has let me re-live it all again! Long live the Peacock bar! :)

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