Only 1 week to go…

5 10 2009

before the big refurb at my gym. After nearly 3 months of no air con I can hardly contain my excitement (only slight sarcastic undertones). If I hadn’t complained numerous times about pretty much every aspect of the gym, today would have been a great day to rant at management. I walked into the ladies change room, and was hit by a wave of heat. I checked I hadn’t walked into the sauna by mistake (but that has been “out of order” for ages), no, definitely the ladies loos.  It seriously felt as if someone had turned on the heating, come to think of it someone probably had. I arrived at my class looking like I had just done a spin class as a warm up – très attractive. Fortunately the studio was cooler… Oh hang on IT WASN’T…

Air Con - what is that?

“Just before turning into a puddle of sweat on the studio floor, Kirsty saw the mobile air-conditioning unit in the distance…”

I can’t discuss the gym without getting mad! Ask anyone in my team – I heard talk of them doing a whip round to pay the extra for me to go to another more expensive gym, just so they don’t have to hear me go on, and on, and on, and on about it!




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