Restless chick

30 10 2009

Nando's has nothing on me

A rotisserie chicken turned less than I did trying to get to sleep last night.


Footy Fan

29 10 2009

Last night was my first ever football match. Chelsea v Bolton. It was great. They won 4-0. How many of the goals did I see? None. I was a bit slow standing up – and by the time I did (the crucial goal scoring stage) the guys in front stood up and I missed the goals. Not once, or twice – but all four! I think I was distracted by the pints and pies and hot dogs – Mmmm I think I could become a footy fan, even if it is just for the food!


Spinning out of control.

28 10 2009

Today was my first day back to spin after the refurb. I was excited. New bikes. Air con. New studio. My favourite instructor. I was all set, I was even early. I took my position at the front  – right in front of the instructor – it was perfect. Then she came in. A flurry of towels and lucozade. Her position of choice? Right next to me – not 10 cm between us.

NO. Please NO.

It was annoying girl. It gets worse. In the pre-refurb studio there was no mirror in front of you. Now there is, and not only do I see her speeding next to me out of my periphery vision, but now I get to look at her straight on. Try as I might words cannot describe this girl on a bike – if she wasnt strapped in and her bike weighted down (I kid you not) this chick would leave us all for dust. Not sure she has embraced the whole stationary spin bike concept.

Get on your bike

I really hope she decides that “my” class is not the one for her – else I will have to invest in some very dark wrap around glasses to block out the view.

“I’m [queen] of the world”

27 10 2009

This morning on the 76 it was so full I had to stand right at the front. I was even further forward than the driver – with both arms up – one on the driver’s glass door and one on the front door. Despite feeling a little like a sardine, I thoroughly enjoyed myself speeding along the strand!


Not quite Kate Winslet in Titanic, but the 76 to Tottenham wasn’t a bad substitute!

Appliance Paranoia

27 10 2009

I have serious appliance paranoia. Most days I just confine the paranoia to fitful fretting all the way to work. Today I stepped up the game. I got half way to the station and thought – “Did I turn off the iron?”. Then I did that two steps forward, about turn, two steps back shuffle – fighting with myself about whether or not I should go back. Bearing in mind I had already been back once because I also had boot paranoia today – and had to change them twice. Fear got the better of me and I did go back and check. It was off. It is always off.

"Iron Off"

I may need to reinstate the shouting of “Iron Off” routine that my best friend and I implemented when we lived together many years ago. There is only one thing worse  a person with iron paranoia. Two people with iron paranoia!

I now know what it means to have a drop of wine…

25 10 2009

After a 4.5hr drive via the M25 my friends and I arrived in Wales – for the much-anticipated weekend away. Once we had lugged the all-weather gear and enough food to feed half the British Army, we settled into the cosy farmhouse kitchen and cracked open a very nice bottle of red. I looked for the wine glasses. Tumblers, check, small strange plastic and glass muglets, check, about 400 shot glasses, check, and some small, did I say S M A L L sherry thimbles. Not a wine glass in sight?!?! I even checked every cupboard twice – just to double-check. So my friends and I spent the weekend drinking shots of red wine out of cut glass crystal thimbles, a drop at a time.


I blame any unruly behavior on the indeterminable number of thimbles of wine I drank in front of the log fire!

Out of the mouths of babes

22 10 2009

I LOVE my god-daughter. I may be biased, but she is definitely the cutest kid around – with THE most amazing sense of humour, and she is only 2! Except for last night, when she looked me in the eyes and said “Skipsy, you have got orange eyes”. Arrgggghhhh ORANGE EYES?? Not at all what I was expecting! I have had a lot of carrots this week due to a friend’s abundant organic carrot delivery mishap – but still? Maybe she has been seeing all the Halloween pumpkins in the shops and has thought they look like her Aunty Skipsy….