Traumatic Tuesday

29 09 2009

Actually I am exaggerating a bit (unusual for me), but my day did start with some hilarity, and slight trauma!

RUSH HOUR: Raynes Park station.

1 pair of heels. So much humiliation.

Traumatic Tuesday

So there I am tottering along, and my heel gets stuck in a grate. Great. But SO stuck I came out of my shoe and had to bend down, and pull, with all my might – to free the shoe. The shoe eventually gave way, but the little heel bit got wedged in the grate. So there I am shod with only one shiny black shoe, bare foot, trying to pry out the heel bit, using various contents from my bag (Nail file – No. Pencil – Yes) . A good 2 mins of Rush hour humiliation ensued before the heel bit was free. Phew. I stood up, tried to compose myself. Steadied myself by stepping back on the free foot…AND got that one stuck. Sadly I am not making that up either. Unbelievable and hilarious.




2 responses

29 09 2009
Louise Sanders

Kirsty, I LOVE your blog! So glad you finally started this, well done!

29 09 2009

I am so thrilled you are doing this blog – I am going to look every day.

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