It seems only right to start with this…

25 09 2009

One of MANY stickers...

This is one of many stickers my collegues sabotaged my life with.

Why you ask?
What terrible deed had I done to merit sticker sabotage?

I went on holiday. Not even a fancy holiday, I went home to SA … and … I hardly even bragged about it beforehand.

But I came back to stickers EVERYWHERE. On my stapler-under my desk-under my mug-on my monitor-in the photocopier. But the best was when I went to the gym and found a sticker in my locker.

Sticker paranoia ensued. It is now 6 months later, and I am still finding them.




One response

29 09 2009

me and my friend emma had this thing where whenever one of us left our desk, we’d return to find it or the area around it sabotaged with a ball of that silver tie stuff used for christmas presents. it would appear in our coat pockets, in our lunch box, tied to our handbag, thrown over the toilet cubicle when we were peeing, wrapped up for our secret santa, our chair would be tied to the desk, once i was tied to the chair whilst i was in it. it got a bit mental, infact, and then we came in one day and the cleaner had thrown it away. what a bitch. we never found a replacement and just stored it away as one of those funny things that might never have stopped.

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