Bonkers for conkers

30 09 2009

Did you know a bowl full of conkers gives off a nasty odour that spiders really don’t like…

It is a good thing my friend Jayden (5-nearly-6) had some to spare. He sent me a lovely bag full and a great picture this morning.


(Thanks Jayden – I love my picture!)

Hopefully now I won’t have a repeat of Sunday night…

Spooks and Spiders

and I thought I was watching Spooks alone…


Traumatic Tuesday

29 09 2009

Actually I am exaggerating a bit (unusual for me), but my day did start with some hilarity, and slight trauma!

RUSH HOUR: Raynes Park station.

1 pair of heels. So much humiliation.

Traumatic Tuesday

So there I am tottering along, and my heel gets stuck in a grate. Great. But SO stuck I came out of my shoe and had to bend down, and pull, with all my might – to free the shoe. The shoe eventually gave way, but the little heel bit got wedged in the grate. So there I am shod with only one shiny black shoe, bare foot, trying to pry out the heel bit, using various contents from my bag (Nail file – No. Pencil – Yes) . A good 2 mins of Rush hour humiliation ensued before the heel bit was free. Phew. I stood up, tried to compose myself. Steadied myself by stepping back on the free foot…AND got that one stuck. Sadly I am not making that up either. Unbelievable and hilarious.

Ssshhhhhhhhh. No-one need know I scoffed an entire Wispa (again)

29 09 2009

I love to Wispa

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

It seems only right to start with this…

25 09 2009

One of MANY stickers...

This is one of many stickers my collegues sabotaged my life with.

Why you ask?
What terrible deed had I done to merit sticker sabotage?

I went on holiday. Not even a fancy holiday, I went home to SA … and … I hardly even bragged about it beforehand.

But I came back to stickers EVERYWHERE. On my stapler-under my desk-under my mug-on my monitor-in the photocopier. But the best was when I went to the gym and found a sticker in my locker.

Sticker paranoia ensued. It is now 6 months later, and I am still finding them.